Secura Credential Management Software

Built to optimize government-issued credential programs

An enterprise-class credential issuance and management platform

Datacard® Secura™ identity & credential management software revolutionizes the issuance and post-issuance management of highly secure passports, national IDs, PIV cards and other secure government credentials. It streamlines every step of the process — including enrollment, identity verification, application approval, document issuance and post issuance management.

Proven workflows and a standards-based design replace the typical delays and cost overruns of custom software development with the certainty of a preconfigured solution.

Secure Enrollment
. Enables biometric and biographic capture, breeder document processing.

Identity Management. Interfaces with external sources to verify and manage identities.

Credential Management. Includes business rules, profiles and data preparation capabilities.

Issuance. Offers from high-volume, desktop and mobile issuance options.

Post-Issuance. Allows for updates, revocation and other post-issuance processes.

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An enterprise-class platform for establishing trusted identities, issuing secure credentials and lifecycle management.

Measurable Benefits

Fast Deployment 

Instead of custom development, leverage preconfigured workflows for faster deployment.

Reduced Risk

A greatly reduced need for customization minimizes the risk of cost and time overruns.


A standards-based architecture streamlines integration with other elements of your credential ecosystem.


Easily expand the platform and incorporate new technologies as they become available.

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