Password Reset

Password Reset

Say goodbye to password problems once and for all.

Today users must change passwords on a frequent basis. On top of that, password policies demand complex combinations of letters, numbers and special characters while not allowing repetition of passwords. As a result users tend to forget their passwords and have to contact IT for help. In fact password reset calls can be quite the burden for IT help desks and statistics suggest that 20-50 percent of all help desk calls, are related to password resets.

"Our research shows that 20%-50% of Help Desk calls are related to password resets."

Source: Gartner Group

How does password reset software solve this problem?

If you take a look across the field today, a number of self-service password reset products exist, with only subtle differences. Often these products come as part of an identity management system. And typically they rely on having to install a software client on each user’s device or require the users to answer a number of challenge questions like “what is your favorite food?” or “what is your favorite movie?”

The general objective is of course to maintain productivity, while offering burden relief to the help desk. In reality though these systems tend to fail due to three common flaws:

  • Users don’t spend time on answering the challenge questions or they forget the answers they gave in the first place.
  • The software client has not been installed, or the user is trying to connect from a device that has not been provisioned (for example, a private iPad).
  • Most solutions only work in the office, which means that users trying to gain access from the outside – perhaps even outside business hours – cannot help themselves.

Why choose Entrust Datacard Password Reset?

Password Reset (PWR) from Entrust Datacard is a game changing offering that allows users to change passwords directly from their mobile phones. Integrated in the login process, it instantly notifies users when they forget their passwords and it proactively sends out notifications when passwords are about to expire.

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Let reality guide your decision

If we for a moment forget about the security aspects and instead focus on cost you will probably find that implementing Password Reset can be highly beneficial. Passwords might appear to be free but in reality they account for a large portion of your IT Support budget. In fact, Forrester Research estimates that the average help desk labor cost for resetting a single password is about 70 USD. And according to Gartner Group as much as 20%-50% of help desk calls are related to password resets.

With these numbers in mind we haven’t even considered the indirect costs such as lost productivity of the user or potential security breaches. So even for smaller organizations the cost reductions that can be achieved by implementing Password Reset from Entrust Datacard are quite substantial.

How does Entrust Datacard Password Reset work?

Whenever a user experiences a password problem an intuitive self-service process steps in. The user receives a text message that explains the issue and gives instructions on how to resolve the problem. The notification includes a link to the self-service website where the user can immediately resolve the problem via their mobile phone or any other device with Internet access and a web browser.

Key benefits of the solution

Get the user back online: Automated user notifications ensure that the user quickly realizes the need to reset his/her password and guide the user to the self-service website to resolve the problem without any hassle. 

Intuitive user experience: Provides users with a straight forward and reassuring process for verifying their identities and resetting passwords in Active Directory.

Expiration notification: The user automatically receives an SMS i.e. three days before password expiration, including a link to the password reset self-service site. The user is guided through the process of renewing his/her password.

Lockout notification: When a user tries to log-in remotely using VPN, Citrix, Webmail or similar and mistypes the password three times, a lockout notification is sent via SMS to the user with a link to the self-service web site. 

Easy roll out: Password Reset Module is installed and maintained centrally, making it very easy to roll out. No need for additional user instructions or device installations, leaving zero footprint.

Tight AD integration: Allows you to grab relevant user information like employee ID, phone number, department code etc. directly from Active Directory. It is however also possible to perform mass-enrolment by asking users to provide relevant account information.

Reduce help desk requests: By empowering the users to take action themselves the burden on the help desk is reduced, allowing them to focus resources on more “high priority” tasks.

"At Intility it is our goal to meet our customers’ expectations, both today and in the future. To achieve this goal – as well as to off-load our helpdesk – it was clear that we needed a solution for managing password resets."

Arne Klæboe: Head of security and identity management - Intility

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