PB6500 Passport Issuance System

Exceptional security and low total cost of ownership

The Datacard® PB6500™ passport issuance system offers a wide range of advanced capabilities to enhance both program and document security, while minimizing overall program costs. This high-speed system features true field modularity which allows you to integrate new capabilities as they become available without investing in a new platform.


The PB6500 system is part of a comprehensive passport portfolio, which includes enrollment and identity management software, post-issuance management software, consultative services, technical support and intelligent supplies. 

Discover how this system — and our complete portfolio — can help defend against ever-changing counterfeiting techniques without compromising efficiency. 

  • Reduce capital costs, waste and supplies.
  • Enhance passport booklet security.
  • Configure for redundancy and efficiency.
  • Improve productivity with high-speed laser and color inkjet technology.
  • Maximize daily production.
  • Reduce operating costs and maximize productivity.

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See how a European country improved the security of its passport and ID cards while making the enrollment more convenient and easy for its citizens.

Measurable Benefits

Minimize Forgeries and Counterfeits

Exceptional Security

PersoCurve™, LaserTact, LaserShadow security features, 3D photos, laser ablation and more to significantly minimize forgeries and counterfeits. Leverage logical security features to protect demographics, biometrics and other proprietary information. Use Photo Optimization software to help reduce imposters at the borders.

Production Efficiency

Configurable for Redundancy and Production Efficiency

Accommodate specific security and productivity requirements with a system design that has true field modularity. New modules can be added at any time to implement new technologies.

Laser Engraving

Powerful Laser Engraving and Color Inkjet Options

Personalize up to 300 passports per hour with an innovative, high-speed fiber laser that requires no external cooling or an inkjet module with an ultra-smooth transport. Produce more passports in less time — for less money.

Flexible Passport Issuance

Flexible Passport Issuance

Issue a wider range of passport types, including e-passports. The chip encoding module is compatible with chips from a wide range of manufacturers. Use multiple input trays and selective picking software capabilities to run multiple booklet types.

Intelligent Supplies Technology

Datacard® Intelligent Supplies Technology™

Enhance durability and security with highly secure overlays that use powerful adhesives to protect critical passport information.

Technical Support

Support Your System

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