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Defeat the most common hacks with SMS Passcode 2020

The fastest growing crime in the world? Hacking into secure networks with compromised credentials. Every enterprise is vulnerable — and the consequences are costly. In more than 80% of network breaches, hackers simply log in as an authorized user and gain undetected access to high-value assets. SMS Passcode 2020 gives you the tools to greatly mitigate this risk.


Simplify Life for Your Users

Passwords are not enough due to phishing, key logging and other types of attacks — and users are tired of changing, tracking and entering them. There’s just too much friction. The SMS Passcode solution from Entrust Datacard adds vital security to the authentication process without compromising user-friendliness. Users simply log in via mobile app and instantly receive secure access to their apps.

Entrust Datacard Authentication
Entrust Datacard Authentication

Replace Passwords with Adaptive Authentication

SMS Passcode uses multiple factors to validate user identities and confirm access privileges. Our solution authenticates users by sending a push authentication option or real-time, session-specific one-time passcode (OTP) to the user’s mobile phone via SMS, app, voice call or e-mail. Once the identity is validated, users are granted access. It’s that simple.

Entrust Datacard Authentication

Automatically Lock and Unlock Workstations

With our smart login technology, users are freed from having to lock their computers when they walk away from a work area. Instead, computers lock automatically when they leave—protecting workstations and preserving peace of mind while they are gone. When they return, a hassle-free biometric scan restores access without the need for additional time-consuming security hurdles.

Entrust Datacard Authentication

Security for On-Premises, Cloud & Hybrid Models

Many users move frequently between cloud and on-prem apps, but their authentication programs can’t keep up. We can configure SMS Passcode 2020 to provide seamless user experiences and strong enterprise security. Move between all three without re-authenticating each time—saving valuable time, preventing frustration and streamlining workflows.

Choose from a range of authenticators

Not all workers have access to mobile phones, so it’s important to have flexibility when it comes to authenticators.

We offer a full portfolio of authenticators suited to every login scenario. Instead of configuring workflows and devices to meet authentication restrictions, you can choose the right authenticator for each use case and user type.

Our full range of authenticators—including three new options—empower users to achieve frictionless login experiences, no matter their unique workstation requirements.


Why SMS Passcode is more secure.

Every time a user logs in, we leverage multiple factors to ensure security — including session ID, network IP, geo-location, number of successful logins, type of system being accessed, time of login and device being used. These factors add context to determine whether users should be authenticated or blocked—beyond simple passwords that can be easily stolen or compromised.

Always the right level of security.

With the added login confidence provides by our always-on features, enterprises can execute simple role-based access and provide only the security level needed for each login—delivering better user experiences and easing widespread adoption of added security across the entire enterprise.


Differentiating Security Features



Unlike solutions relying on pre-issued passcodes, SMS Passcode only generates passcodes once a challenge has been fulfilled.

Real-time solution

All passcodes are generated in real-time at the point of login. There are no pre-issued passcodes and no seed files to be hacked.

Session-specific passcodes

All passcodes are locked to the session-ID of each particular login attempt for maximum security — which reduces the attack surface.

Contextual-based OTPs

The OTP time validation period and delivery form adapts based on the context of the user.

GEO Fencing

Increase security by blocking access from high risk locations or regions.

Contextual user notifications

Users receive information about the GEO-IP location of their login to help identify possible man-in-the-middle attacks.

Protection against brute-force attacks

Our solution includes advanced brute-force and denial-of-service attack detection and protection.

Hardened security keeps your data safe

Our passcodes are cryptographically strong, randomly generated OTPs using FIPS-140 validated crypto modules – and all communication between components is AES 256bit encrypted.

Looking for Proof? Read Our Case Studies

Entrust Datacard Authentication
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As one of the UK’s leading public and regulated services providers, Amey operates over 320 contracts, providing services such as utilities, highways, waste management, rail and facilities management.

Entrust Datacard Authentication
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How a busy law firm keeps remote access safe and healthy

Capsticks is the leading national healthcare law firm and also has unrivalled expertise within the social care and social housing sectors. The firm has its head office in London and regional offices in Birmingham, Leeds and Winchester.

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