Digital Onboarding for Customers

When deploying services and mobile apps for your customers, in-person onboarding often isn’t feasible — or advisable. The value of deploying apps is to let people engage with you anywhere they please. The onboarding process should reflect that same liberating experience. Entrust Datacard delivers that experience with digital onboarding.

A Simple Yet Secure Process

Here’s how our Mobile ID Proofing technology works.

1. Users snap a selfie and scan a government-issued credential, such as a driver’s license or passport to onboard themselves

2. Our platform compares the selfie with the image on the credential, verifies that the credential itself is valid and performs a device reputation check.

3. Then, users follows simple prompts to verify their information and accept your terms of use.

Entrust Datacard Authentication


Offering customers anywhere-anytime onboarding increases engagement in your apps — and reduces abandonment rates. The biometrics and device information captured during the process are used to provide strong security moving forward. Every time the user wants to gain access or conduct a transaction, our solution verifies their identity and the reputation of the device being used.

Entrust Datacard Authentication


When customers access your apps or portals, you run the risk of fraudulent attacks. That’s why the transparent security layers we add to the identity process are so vital. When combined with other modern authentication methods—such as adaptive authentication and mobile push authentication—you can create a zero-trust framework that protects your enterprise without frustrating customers.

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Our Products

Cloud-Based Deployment


Secure your enterprise and give your users secure access to everything — applications, networks, computers, doors — with cloud-based multi-factor authentication.

On-Premises Deployment


Experienced security professionals in corporations, banks and government agencies know the name IdentityGuard and trust it to protect and enable what matters to them.

SMS Passcode™

SMS Passcode authenticates users by sending a real-time, session-specific one-time passcode (OTP) to the user’s mobile phone via SMS, app, voice-call or email.

Securely Identify Everyone You Serve with One Platform

Consumers or Citizens

Banks use our solutions for online services, mobile apps, cardless ATMs and more. Governments rely on us to provide easy and secure access to programs and services.

Entrust Datacard Authentication

Consumer Banking

Attract and retain customers with best-in-class mobile and online banking services.

Entrust Datacard Authentication

Customer Portals

Give customers frictionless access to your portals — and build a great brand experience.


Enable them all — mobile workers, senior execs, contractors, people with special access — all with one trusted identity platform. We make it easy.

Entrust Datacard Authentication

VPN / SaaS Access

We offer a perfect integration of no friction and high security. Empower workers everywhere with always-on access to VPNs and SaaS applications.

Entrust Datacard Authentication

Workstation Login

Choose from the broadest range of authenticators to ensure a frictionless experience when workers access their workstations.