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Entrust Datacard Consumer Authentication “Leads the Pack” in KuppingerCole’s 2019 Leadership Compass Report

By Barry McArthur
November 19, 2019
The report is designed to help organizations find the technology providers with the best overall product, functionality, innovation and market vision for this category.

Understanding the Timing of the Quantum Threat

By Samantha Mabey
October 28, 2019
Learn how to prepare for the inevitable cybersecurity threat of quantum computing, as outlined by the Global Risk Institute’s “Quantum Threat Timeline Report.”

PSD2: It’s Not Just a Regulation … It’s a Philosophy

By Entrust Datacard
September 04, 2019
PSD2 should serve as a guideline and best practice for how you can provide your customers with superior service and security .

European Banking Authority Opinion — Update On PSD2

By Jean-Louis Meyer
August 20, 2019
Elements of strong authentication moving towards more flexible enforcement

It’s Time for a Change

By Jacquelyn Painter
April 24, 2019
Today, in a digital era, technology and solar energy advancements address the energy-saving problem.

Workplace Mobility – How to Overcome Challenges and Increase Productivity for IT and Users

By Jacquelyn Painter
April 15, 2019
At Entrust Datacard, we’ve made it our goal to demonstrate how choosing a smarter authentication approach can help you face this challenge head-on while giving you back some much-deserved “you time.”

Strong Customer Authentication for PSD2: A Fairytale or Reality?

By Sam Murphy
November 29, 2018
PSD2 and Open Banking are all about making the European financial industry more customer-centric – while ensuring a secure environment. Enabling secure, easy digital payments will be paramount to success in an industry on the brink of digital disruption.

Inheriting PSD2: The constant struggle of “Are you Ready”?

By Jacquelyn Painter
November 06, 2018
PSD2 is changing the banking experience as we know it. The consumer experience is at the forefront, competition is coming, and security measures are expected to be strong, future-proof and frictionless. Banks need clarification on dates, an understanding of what’s needed and best practices for implementation, and how they can use PSD2 to their advantage – ensuring they meet their CEO’s goal and long-term desired outcome.

£503 Million Stolen by Criminals Through Authorized and Unauthorized Fraud

By Gary McVie
October 30, 2018
UK Finance recently reported a total of £503 million was stolen by criminal through authorised and unauthorised fraud in only the first six months of 2018 – and that doesn’t even account for the £705 million of fraud that was prevented during this same time-frame.
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